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Over the years I’ve read several books, some multiple times. As, I’ve come to rediscover this childhood hobby, I’m coming to understand how reading has played such a huge role in my life as I’ve learned to rediscover myself. Personally I love a great audiobook that sweeps me away. Often, I prefer to grab an audiobook and the paper or hardback copy for those major light bulbs moments I want to mark and always reference back to. If you are a driver like me, then you’re sure to enjoy the audiobooks over your daily commutes. However, when I am home there is nothing like hot tea, incenses, a diffuser wit some nice essential oils, a candle, and a great book! For my very own personal reasons I take care to mix and match. Not all books are as fun to listen to but most certainly necessary. So many things I’ve heard or read in a book, I had never received such great words from those in my environment. As I set to change my life to always operate at my highest and best self, I realized I had to do as I had once done as a child. Create my own environment and live in the spaces that made me feel at my best. 


So, let’s say maybe you aren’t a reader and you struggle with getting through a book but you’re desperately seeking to gain more knowledge. Try an audiobook. Prefer to hear more of a dialogue? Try a podcast, maybe you need a visual, there’s YouTube, Pinterest, magazine, and several other outlets. 


The old saying goes, don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream, and I’m here to tell you at the age of 30. Get your sleep! It’s one of the most effective health benefits that no one tells you about. 


Now about the dreaming part. What are you dreaming about? Who do you dream of becoming? The first book on Tia’s Book Club must reads is none other than The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. About a guy name ordinary from a place of nowhere. This book is a for sure must read for anyone feeling stuck but has had a dream of moving from ordinary to extraordinary. Detailing the temptations that pull us back, the giants that tend to stand in the way, the self doubt that takes over, and yet how we still have the power to move forward, and reach our greatest destiny.


The Dream Giver- by Bruce Wilkinson 



Eloquent Rage-  by Brittney Cooper



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Friedrich Nietzsche


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